Joy is not the absense of trouble but the presence of Christ. William Vander Hoven

Saturday, August 14, 2010


We found a great church that we love!!! We are so excited about that. We went for the first time on the Sunday before their big KidFest (perfect timing!!). So the girls got to do this which lasted 4 evenings. Each night had a different theme for the kids to dress up. The girls really got into this and had so much fun!!! Mike and I stayed for some of it some of the nights and it was awesome!!! They did a great job and we love a church that sees the value in pouring into the youth. That is very important to us! It seems with all the church visiting we have done over the past few years that if the adults get fed, the children do not, and if the children are fed the adults aren't. This church so far seems to have a wonderful balance of both!!

The first night was Cowboys. The theme of the whole event was Toys so this was based on Woody. We don't have great cowboy dress up stuff, so we made do with what we had. Lucy is not in these pictures as she was not happy with her outfit (which she forgot all about once the festivities began).

The second night was based on the toy soldiers from the movie and was military/camo. You can't really see, but Lucy has on Daddy's dog tags and his actual hat from when he was in the Army.

The third night was for Buzz and to dress up as your favorite super hero. We did not do this one as we were out all day and didn't have time. The last night though was to dress up as your favorite toy---and the girls are Barbies. I wanted them to be more realistic and have whacked out hair, and two different shoes on, but they wanted to be pretty :)

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"Joy is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ." William Vander Hoven
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