Joy is not the absense of trouble but the presence of Christ. William Vander Hoven

Monday, April 7, 2014

Seeing the Pictures

On this computer when I pull up the blog, the pictures are not always loading.  I have no idea why this is the case--but in case that is what is happening when you pull them up, trying clicking the picture (or blank black area where a pictures should be) and it seems to go to the pictures that way you can scroll through.  I am not thrilled with the pictures going through blogger to Picasa--but this is the best I can do for now.  I just don't have the time to devote to figuring it out beyond this right now....

Randomness From Lucy's Phone

Lucy takes a TON of pictures--so I just went through and took a quick sampling of some of the ones I love...

Lucy's friend came over and they baked cookies.  The best part of baking of course is the "tasting" of them  :)

Lucy and Clara did each others make up--as you can see, Lucy is a tad bit more skilled as a makeup artist--unless of course you are after the Zombie look...

Went to see Little Mermaid and one of Lucy's friends was Ariel (and did a great job!!)

Lucy was at a birthday party and they were decorating cup cakes.  Lucy does not like icing at all, so she felt the icing was better used on her face  :)

I went somewhere--doctor maybe, I can't remember, but I took Clara with me and left Lucy alone to do school work.  I got texts and a whole story of how she was going up the stairs to find Joey stuck (below).  She watched him, coached him, and encouraged him (did not help him however), until he was able to free himself (above).  LOL!  

There's always lots of selfies on her phone.  Usually for posting on Instagram.

I love this picture of Bella!

This is going back a bit--one of my favorites from Nashville.  There's another one I didn't see in my quick look through--but for now at least I got this one.

We have started obedience class with Bella.  I don't know how much this is really going to help, but we are enjoying it.  Bella will gladly give us the hour, but if class runs long she will let us know she is OVER it!!  

I absolutely love this picture.  I got a couple of Thirty One cubes and they have the window.  Felix jumped inside and Joey is looking in  :)

This is the pathetic look you get from Fluffy when singing loudly, and quite annoyingly I might add, in the cats face!


Esther loves to get on the window sill in the entry where its major high!  She will look down and "talk" to us!  I would love to know what she is "saying".  She does love it here!


The girls absolutely love their trampoline!!  I knew they would, it seems that no matter where we go if they have a trampoline it is only a matter of seconds before the kids are on it!

These are pictures that are downloaded from Lucy's phone.  Above is actually at her friends house.

I love going through Lucy's pictures!!  :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quick Update

I have been enjoying my new Chrome book and have been able to be very productive in many things--but not the blog  :)  LOL!  I still have to figure out pictures fully, and haven't mastered that yet.  I haven't had much time to put into it though this week...we have been crazy busy.

Late Sunday night, into Monday morning I passed another kidney stone :(  It actually wasn't nearly as bad as the last time!!  Honestly, if you are going to pass a stone, that's the way to do it.  It was uncomfortable and at times quite unpleasant--but not at all like the time before.  I knew more things to do this time around that I believe helped a lot.  As soon as it started (and there is no mistaking it--I knew right off what was going on...), I came downstairs (I was in bed) and made tea with Apple Cider Vinegar, put on and drank lemon oil, as well as Copaiba oil on my kidney area.  Then I drank some baking soda and drank tons of water.  It took about 4 hours.  I was so tired Monday though that I ended up losing the day for the most part and I did take it easy.  On Tuesday I had a busy day and I started hurting while we were out.  It scared me a bit and we cut the day short to come home.  As long as I took it easy it was fine though, but when I would start walking (we took the dog for a walk) and my kidney was not happy, so I came home.  One Wed we had co op and I talked to a mom that was a renal nurse.  She felt most likely the kidney was sore because there was a hole left in it from the stone and it just needed some time to rest.  That made me feel so much better  :)  I haven't had pain since!!  Praise God!!

I am still waiting to hear from the doctors office with the results of my ultrasound regarding my ovarian cyst.  I was able to watch on a big screen while they did it which was very  cool.  The cyst is still very much there, and has gotten larger.  The tech said it was a "simple" cyst though, which is good  :)  I have fibroids as well--which is just from getting older.  I have not heard from them yet as to what they would recommend--but I have been treating with oils.  I have 2 oils that I really want to use that I do not have yet--so I will amp it up once I'm able to order them.  I believe this thing will break up and move on out though.

We had obedience with Bella tonight.  She is doing very well, but when at home and if she isn't in the mood, no matter what treat I use, she is not interested.  Amazing to me how stubborn she can be!  She's doing well though and if it helps with some of our main issues then it's worth it---only time will tell there.  She has something around here she keeps rolling in and the smell is FETID!!!  We are having to bathe her with vinegar to get the smell under control.  Regular shampoo wasn't touching it!!  Ick!!  I've been using Purification oil on her too--which will keep insects off too as a bonus--but ideally we can find this decaying pile straight from the pit of hell that she finds so irresistible and can get rid of it!  The neighbors dog, Niko, has the same smell!!!

We have a crazy busy weekend.  I have a Thirty One meeting tomorrow to get a sneak peak at the new menu (and getting a freebe I'm excited about  lol).  Perry Stone will be at our church this weekend and we are SO excited!!  The first of the 4 upcoming blood moons (which all land on Jewish feasts---um, no coincidence there!) is right around the corner, and he will be talking about that tomorrow night.  Can't wait!!  So with all his meetings, plus a birthday party and growth group--we will be moving in to the church for the weekend pretty much  :)  Our pastor will be doing a 3 part teaching on Spiritual warfare (my personal passion) on Monday for TBN.  They are looking for people to come to the church to be part of the studio audience.  I may do so--I have to see if the girls can come too.

Well, I will hopefully get some more time to figure out doing the pictures (I just know there is an easier way then what I was doing...) next week.  But for now--BED  :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I'm trying to figure out blogging with this.  I know there is an easier way then this--even watched a tutorial, but it isn't showing on my screen the way it is on that...  anyway, here goes  :)  I have all our pics downloaded from our phones and these were some off of Lucy's  LOL

Friday, March 28, 2014


I have a new "computer".  It's not a true computer I guess, but for my purposes I am thrilled!  We decided to go with a Chromebook.  No more windows for us!!  I am thrilled about that as much of my frustration with the computer was always on Windows based programs.  Since this is totally different though, I have some learning to do.  So far this seems easy enough--I have had it for all of an hour so far and have already gotten much accomplished  :)  I have yet to figure out pictures though--so hopefully I will be up and running with pictures too.  But for now, this will do  :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Technology Is Not Always My Friend!

I have been fighting all morning with this computer, the photo program, and even getting this to recognize my phone---no luck!!

I have blogged all I can that has pictures on the computer.  I have lost a ton of pics (I think I have a back up--but man does that frustrate me).  I have tons of pics on my phone, as well as Lucy's that I would love to get downloaded and blogged so I can go ahead and delete them off the phone that is quickly running out of room.  I love technology--when it's working well!  I have no idea what to do with it when it isn't working well though and that frustrates me to no end!!

Ok, my rant is over for now.  I will do a quick update.  We may live in the South, but it sure hasn't' felt it here lately!  We had an ice storm here at the beginning of last week, and although it was beautiful, it was a bummer!  The area is not equipped to deal with it.  Schools have been closed a lot this year.  People were complaining that they were just closing for cold temps, but they have to as kids don't have the clothing here and schools don't have the capacity to heat the way it would be needed.  Mike was in Atlanta when they got snow there and it was crazy!!  They didn't close the schools in advance there and kids ended up staying overnight at school.  I would have gone crazy if I was unable to get to my children!!

Anyway, the ice is gone now.  It was a crazy thaw!!  It sounded like it was pouring outside, but the sun was shining bright--it was just all the ice melting!  Chunks would drop too so you had to be careful where you walked.

Yesterday it was so nice out we got to go out on the trampoline in short sleeves.  It's crazy weather!  Gorgeous day again today and we will be moving our schooling outside in a little while!

Health--we are good.  I have lost my voice this week.  Otherwise feel fine though.  Clara has had a rash on her belly forever and I finally had to take her to the doc for that--apparently she is allergic to nickel and it is in her belt buckle and the backside of the button on her jeans.  No wonder it wasn't going away.  I have started learning about, and using Essential Oils.  I have been blown away at the healing properties--although it shouldn't surprise me as God made them and He is truly perfect!  In fact, what He is teaching me about provision has been mind blowing!!  So, I did not fill the prescriptions for her rash, but have been using the oils and they are doing a beautiful job of healing her up with no side effects or crap going in to her body!!  yay!  I know there will be times when we will need to go another route, but as much as possible I would like to reduce that!  I haven't had so much as a Tylenol in over a month now.  I used to rely on those PM's to sleep (they would only work for a couple nights in a row then I would have to break from them a few nights).  No more, thank God!!  I went for my annual check up and blood work is fabulous!  Doc said he doesn't understand it, but my thyroid nodules are shrunk down.  I told him why--frankincense!  I fully expect the nodules to continue to shrink to gone!  I do still have blood in my urine apparently, but there has been no problem from the kidney stones, and I am treating that with lemon oil and suspect that will never be an issue again!  Mike is off all allergy and arthritis mediation!!  It was a challenge to figure out how to pack the oils for his travel but we got it figured out I think. :) 

Mike's job is great--he loves it!  I realized just how amazing it was during the ice storm that even though we moved here to this house and Mike was still at the mill, this job with Voith is even closer!!  What a blessing when having to go in to work during an ice storm  :)  He is currently on a plane on his way to Canada---brrrr!!!!  It's supposed to be "warm" there this week--only in the 20s.  NO thank you!!  Did I mention we are heading outside to do school here?  Yeah, that's more like it!

The girls are doing great!  Lucy has been asked to be a leader in church and is doing a great job with that.  It is her responsibly to greet and make new kids comfortable that come to Merge.  She is a bit of an introvert, like me, and that is outside of her comfort zone, but that is exactly why she feels God is having her to do that!  She is blossoming for sure!  Both girls are doing great in school.  I found a program for Clara for reading that has been fabulous and she is reading above grade level now, thank God!!  Her dyslexia is still a challenge, but we are dealing with it---both girls are.

Clara had a sleep over at church and Lucy and I helped out for that.  It was so much fun!  The message was great and a lot of fun too!  We have been very busy, and really have to know when to say no as you could have something going on each and every day and we just can't do that!  So, we are figuring it out.

Mike has started the walls in the rec room.  One is almost done.  The next project after this wall has to be the deck and getting that blocked off as Niko (the neighbors dog, who we love) keeps getting on the pool cover.  Apparently the water in the middle of the pool is far better than any other water on the planet!! 

I need to get back to school.  It is all or nothing around here and we just hit all  :)  When I can get the pictures figured I out I will.
"Joy is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ." William Vander Hoven
As for me and my blog we will serve the Lord :)