Joy is not the absense of trouble but the presence of Christ. William Vander Hoven

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Time Out!

For Memorial Day weekend my parents came to visit and we sat outside and waited for them to arrive. While there Clara did something she got yelled at and what Clara does when she gets in trouble is puts herself in time out. I actually seldom have to put her in time out myself and she puts herself in more than I would anyway. Usually her time out spot is the stairs (the bottom if we are downstairs, and the top if we are upstairs). Since we were outside, she laid down in time out in front of the door. I can't even remember what she did, but it wasn't that big a deal, but she really hates to get in trouble :) Bless her heart!

She finally came out of time out and was all about Mouse. He is such a good sport and puts up with so much!

Clara got a stick and was breaking it smaller and smaller (why, we don't know :) and here she has it so small that it is very difficult to break, but that wasn't going to stop her, she was quite determined.

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"Joy is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ." William Vander Hoven
As for me and my blog we will serve the Lord :)