Joy is not the absense of trouble but the presence of Christ. William Vander Hoven

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The girls got to ice skate for the first time—they were beyond excited about this.  Lucy said she got to mark something off her bucket list  LOL!


Of course we had to rent skates, and I found out that having the right socks is just as important—and being from the south, we do not have the right socks and given that I didn’t even think of that we didn’t buy or borrow proper foot coverings!


Tami and I observed the skating—I know from past experiences that I am not a gifted skater—well my butt is, but I see no need for that  Smile


The girls stuck close to the edge.






The girls would have skated all day long.  The cold did not deter them at all!!  They had so much fun!!  The problem was that without proper socks, the skates rubbed on them and gave them great blisters.  I felt awful about that!  I actually had to take Clara back to the place to change into her shoes on my back as she just couldn’t walk by the time she had to stop. 


We were inside eating snacks and drinking hot cocoa and Clara just could not stay indoors—she went outside the tent and had a grand time!  She collected icicles for a long time.  Each one impressed her as much as the last!


There was plenty to do inside as well…


this little rocking Santa had no hat, and his bald head we deemed as cold, so there was a lost hat floating around that we put upon Santa and he was very thankful.


There was a museum about the Akron area which was pretty cool.  When we walked in the guy said “be on the lookout for the flying dolphin”.  Well, we were intrigued—we finally found it (above). 


We lost a glove and Lucy and I went on a guest to find it (we did) and she had to be photographed along the way…


Such a goof ball!!


A big creepy doll!!


Now the doll is attacking Nicole!


What attitude Lucy!!  I love these kids!!  We had a great time.  I didn’t get pictures unfortunately, but the girls got to see, and talk to, Archie the Snowman.  This is a big deal in Akron (I almost forgot about it from when I was there—but this was a yearly thing for Mike to go see Archie).  He talks and carries on a conversation and it is a lot of fun.  Clara was freaked out by it at first, and became obsessed trying to figure out where someone was hiding that would doing the talking. 

While the girls were all out in Akron, the boys stayed home and were shooting.  When we got home we got to shoot some too, which is always fun (although, personally I believe it is way more fun when it isn’t freezing out!!!). 

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"Joy is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ." William Vander Hoven
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