Joy is not the absense of trouble but the presence of Christ. William Vander Hoven

Monday, June 3, 2013

Moving Into The Closet

When Mouse was not eating, I needed to put him in the garage so we could more accurately gage how much, or how little he was in fact eating.  It was possible that other critters were eating his food outside and we had to be sure.


I have a huge closet (it’s basically a room—has electrical outlets and everything).  I got it organized, and moved the kitten heaven from the garage up to the closet.  It had to be hilarious watching Lucy and I work on the door (the door was taken down when we moved in for the movers—and we found out it didn’t go to this closet at all. but another one.  I had to wittle the door so I could flop the hinges around and figure out how to get it right.  Given the fact that I had gotten up early, and saved Mouse from nearly drowning that morning and was mentally fried, it was quite a challenge! 


We did it though, and as you can see, the kittens are more than pleased with the outcome!!  It is so nice knowing they are safe :)



Joey (and Ester) will suck behind their siblings ears as though they are nursing.  I looked this up and know it means they were taken from their mom too early.  I suspect they were probably 5 weeks old when we got them (so they are now 6 weeks).  They do not seem to suck on anything other than behind the ear of a sibling.  I read online they will often suck on clothing or a blanket or something—but thus far they have not.  Possibly if they get separated they will do that, which makes me sad to think about.

Last night we took the kittens on a field trip to the living room.  It was fun to watch the other animals reaction to them.  Bella could have cared less!!  Fluffy only hissed when they got close to him, but I believe he is just establishing his role as alpha male.  He never attacked or even raised a paw to them.  The kittens would back up, put up their fur and go sideways, which is hilarious how NOT scary they are in the attempt to make themselves scary  LOL!  Felix was fascinated and almost even played with them (Boaz).  I don’t want too much contact between them all as of yet since the kittens have not been tested for FIV or leukemia and my cats are behind on their shots….

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"Joy is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ." William Vander Hoven
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