Joy is not the absense of trouble but the presence of Christ. William Vander Hoven

Friday, November 19, 2010


I had to post some things that happened yesterday because they made us all laugh and I don't want to forget in time :) I had Lap RNY (gastric bypass) surgery 4 weeks ago and about 1 1/2 weeks post op everything that went in came right back out again!! It was MISERABLE!!! I have felt lousy, had no energy, couldn't eat and sometimes even couldn't drink---it just sucked!!! I have had to do two Upper GI's and both showed narrowing. So, my surgeon set me up with an Gastro Intestinal Dr. for an endoscope with dilation that I had done yesterday. Above are my results from that (I just LOVE that we got to get pictures!!)

In the first pic is my esophagus which is normal. The second pic is the "stenosis"----gee no wonder I couldn't eat!!! I can't believe that even liquids went through that!!! Amazing! The next is the balloon used to dilate the area and then finally it is open!!! YEAH!!! The dr. did say he was unable to open it to the normal size because it would have put too much stress on the area, and recommends that I go back in 2-3 weeks and have the procedure done again. At least I won't be nervous that time since I have been through it once now.

Anyway, the kids and Mike went with me. I was really nervous about the IV since they had such a problem getting that in me for my surgery. This nurse was AWESOME and got it on the first try and it hardly even hurt!!! I got all set up and they rolled me into the room where I could see the endoscope and check it all out. The dr. came in to meet me and talk about what we were going to do. He mentioned that if the endoscope wasn't long enough to get to the area needed, he would have to go UP the other way!!! Immediately I had to go to the bathroom----it truly made my butt pucker when he said that LOL. So after he left they unhooked me and took me to empty myself out (I don't even want to think of what the first picture would have been of if that was the route they had to take) LOL The nurse thought it was hilarious that the dr. scared the crap out of me :) Glad I could make their day :)

So, I get back in the room and hooked up again and the nurse tells me they are putting the drugs in my IV and I would go into what they call "twilight". I said "I won't be OUT?" She said basically---but not really, but you won't remember anything. That freaked me out a bit and I kept thinking "I am way too awake and alert!!" They had me put this thing in my mouth to protect my teeth and hold my mouth open and hooked that around my head and I was very aware of that. The dr. came in and i was very aware of that and i was still thinking " I am TOO aware!!!" Next memory I have was being in the car on the way home. That was a brief wake up and then the next thing I knew I was in my own bed!! So, "twilight" for me means OUT---which is GOOD!!!

When I was put in the recovery room the kids and Mike were allowed to come see me (I have NO memory of this at all)!! I had tried to explain what an IV was to them and apparently when I saw them I told them multiple times to look at my IV. I asked Mike how it went and he said "fine" and Lucy swears I then said "Chuck E. Cheeses"---what I actually said was "Thank You Jesus." LOL So the big joke today is Chuck E. Cheeses LOL

Because they pump air into you for any procedure and there were several people in the recovery room, the family was serenaded by big time farting!! The girls thought that was HILARIOUS!!! The nurse told them you just get used to it :) That made the girls day LOL Lucy likes to recreate me putting my shoes on. I just can't believe I remember none of this---I mean I helped with getting dressed and all and have no clue!! A little freaky!! The family was forewarned that I would repeat things I was telling them (apparently I was quite chatty). So all day yesterday I would tell them something---or should I say start to tell them something and they would all finish it for me :)

Lucy said if I do in fact have to do this again she is going to bring a video camera :) All total we were only at the hospital for about 2 hours. The girls had been given a great gift from friends of theirs at CC-- these crosses to color and they worked on those while waiting for me. So, it was a good time---and for me a BLESSING as now I can EAT!!!! Of course, my pouch is small so it's not like I eat a lot, but I feel so much better already!!! I hope that complication does NOT occur again!!!

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"Joy is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ." William Vander Hoven
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