Joy is not the absense of trouble but the presence of Christ. William Vander Hoven

Monday, October 4, 2010


This is the newest member of our family. We met him at the vets office when we took Sassy in. He was a vet favorite looking for a home. He was a vet office kitten that got special attention because he was unable to walk. They operated and nursed him back and he is just fine now :) They had found him a home with an elderly woman who recently fell and broke her hip and has had to go live with her daughter and was unable to bring him with her. I know she must be heartbroken because he truly is special!!

He is 8 months old. He came with the name Munchkin, but for some reason the kids could not remember that name at all. In fact, Clara kept calling him Lunchable (too cute!). How she got there from Munchkin, we just don't know, but she was consistent with it. The girls and I made a list of names and decided upon Felix, which means happy.

Love this pic----Lucy must have given him sour apple candy LOL

We miss Sassy very much, but it really does help to have another kitty to focus on. He is SO playful, but at night he is calm and sleeps with Mike and I. He has several times gotten on my pillow which has freaked me out a bit since that is what Sassy always did.

We were concerned about him and Fluffy. In fact, we purposely decided against a tiny kitten because we know what Fluffers does with rodent size animals... We figured Felix has a shot at protecting himself. The vets office forewarned us that it could take months for them to adjust. Mouse isn't an issue as he is permanently in the basement because of his litter issues. They have met and Mouse hisses and runs which is what we expected.

As for Fluffy though---we were shocked!! He and Felix would face off the first day---hissing and "talking" loudly to each other, but never made any contact. Within a few hours though, no more hissing. Felix follows Fluffy EVERYWHERE---and we thought about naming him Shadow because he literally is just like Fluffers shadow. The girls wanted Felix though, and it does seem to fit him :)

The cats have played and chased each other and I am just waiting for them to curl up together---I can't wait to get shots of that!! It hasn't happened yet, but it will :)

So far his favorite toy has been (besides Fluffy) a toothpaste lid. He carries that thing all over the house and loves to bring it into the bath tub where it can't get away from him :) Lucy took over 16 min. of video of him in there with his "buddy" knocking that thing all over. We have had elderly cats for so long now that we forgot how playful a kitten really is. Fluffy is quite playful, but Felix makes him look like and old man :)

Well Felix, welcome home! We're glad you're here!!
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"Joy is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ." William Vander Hoven
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